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They packed WHAT in their hospital bag???

If you’re due to give birth soon and aren’t sure what to pack in your hospital bag…well I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.

We asked some lovely midwives to share with us some the funniest and most unusual things they have witnessed people pack in their hospital bags. Here’s what they shared with us:

A whole pineapple
One lady was so worried that her contractions would stop once she got to hospital that she brought a whole pineapple along, because she had read that they could induce labour. Luckily she never needed it.

An Orgasmatron
We had to look this one up…it’s not as rude as you might think.

Swimming goggles
These were packed by daddy, as he wanted to get a better view of the water birth, he wanted to get stuck in right away but I explained that there wouldn’t be much to see until his wife was actually pushing. He insisted that he put the goggles on and have a look so I had to be more honest and further explained that women can sometimes open their bowels towards full dilatation and I did not believe it was hygienic for him to have his face in the water. Fortunately he did take note and the goggles came off and were left unused! I love it when daddies show a real interest and want to be a part of it all but we have to be sensible, safe and realistic.

Knee pads
One woman had spent so long on her knees during her first labour she got very sore so packed knee pads for her second labour.

Men’s trunks
I think the woman was thinking her husband might want to get in the birthing pool but once she got in their was no way he was allowed in too!

A mini bottle of fizz, soft mouldy cheese and pate
Makes me chuckle as the last thing you want to drink immediately after giving birth is booze or eat pate but one woman couldn’t wait as she had been denied it for 9 months.

A limo
Ok, so this wasn’t strictly speaking in the lady’s hospital bag, but they did hire a limo to take the baby home in. They wanted their newborn girl to travel home in style. Still makes me smile remembering the father and chauffeur trying, unsuccessfully to fit the baby seat. They ended up driving home in their Ford Fiesta!

A dog
One couple brought along their dog because they missed it so much, despite having a newborn baby.

We’d love to hear your stories of thing you packed, or plan to pack that are a little bit left field. Please share in the comments below.

Thank you to our wonderful midwife contributors for this post:

Clemmie Hooper

Angela Blackbury


Marie Louise

T. Stuthridge


ps. we were told by several lovely midwives that one essential is sleepwear that you can feed in easily once you've given birth. Here's a little selection for you

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