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How to take amazing photos of your baby with your smart phone

family photography tips


Most of us have a Smart Phone these days and they’ve made taking family photos much easier. As parents, we take more photos than ever before because our phones are always close to hand and ready to capture a moment before it’s gone.  

Sometimes though, when we look back on the masses of digital photographs stored on hard drives and computers, it can be hard to find any we’re really happy with. So here are my top five tips to taking better family photos with your phone. 

  1. Lighting is the most important thing to think about when taking photographs of people. If you’re indoors, try to make opportunities for photographs near to a window so that the natural light will fall on your subject.  
  2. Outdoor photos look best when taken in what photographers refer to as the Golden Hour. This is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset, when the sun is low in the sky. Try to avoid taking photos in bright sunlight as you may get harsh shadows on your subject and squinty faces. 
  3. Look at the setting. If the background is too cluttered it can distract from the subject so keep the background simple and your subject will be the focus. 
  4. Focus on the eyes. Hold your camera still and tap on the screen where the eyes are to set the focus. With children, holding the phone slightly above their eye line helps ensure their eyes look more open. 
  5. Try taking photographs from different perspectives. Sometimes taking a photograph from a different angle, such as lying down or from high above can tell a different story.  

I’m a mum to three young children and a professional newborn and family photographer. As a mum, I take lots of photographs with my phone, as my camera is too heavy to carry everywhere with me (especially as I usually have a multitude of other things to carry!).  

The downside to this is that it’s hard to find the time to print the thousands of images I take each year of our family. This is where a professional photography session comes in.  

Either at home or in the studio, someone who has been trained in what lighting and angles to use can create beautiful photographs for you to proudly display in an album and on your walls. In addition to this, the job you never get around to doing, getting those photos framed, can be done for you when you order prints and wall art. 

Keep taking those phone photos, they’ll capture memories that you’ll love looking back on when the kids aren’t little anymore. But print those photos too, or in the future they may get lost in a new technology.   

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and please contact me on, or check out my website for information on family photography sessions.  

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