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Top 10 Tips For Buying Breastfeeding Clothes

Your gorgeous little baby has finally arrived and you’re ready to take on the big, wide world together. But in the beginning it’s sometimes easy to forget your baby’s dinner and drinks are attached to your chest!

To help you get through your nursing period with ease, Angel Maternity has pulled together their Top 10 tips for buying breastfeeding clothes.

  1. Stick to fashion basics - Lots of women breastfeed for longer than they were pregnant. As you may be breastfeeding through different seasons and trends, look for pieces that will stand the test of time. Ensure you have staple pieces in black, white, grey, navy or tan. Then you can always add your own unique touch with statement jewellery or shoes. When it comes to prints, stripes or spots are classic patterns that never date. Check out Angel Maternity's huge range of Breastfeeding Clothing here. 
  2. Layer, layer, layer - Save money by mixing and matching your existing wardrobe items. Have a fave top you can’t wait to wear? Pull it out and put it on. Just team it with a nursing singlet underneath or an Angel Maternity Nursing Tank. 
  3. Look for clothes that make breastfeeding discreet - It’s sometimes difficult to feel comfortable whipping out your boobs in the middle of a packed restaurant, but it’s got to be done! Tops or dresses that have a modesty layer are great to ensure you’re not left feeling exposed. Check out Angel Maternity's stylish and functional Nursing Dresses here.
  4. Give baby a hand -  Lots of tops are designed with just one-handed nursing access. This can be  in the form of a easy-fasten clip or a zip. These are great as it allows your other hand to remain free to help your baby latch on properly if needs be.
  5. Accessories are your friend - It’s amazing what a good scarf or wrap can do to an otherwise drab outfit. Not only will it jazz up your outfit, but a great scarf or wrap can double as a breastfeeding cover. Oh, it can be great for covering any milk, vomit,  food or any other unwanted but unavoidable stains you may encounter on your travels!
  6. Cover up, buttercup - Remember, if you’re low on the accessories front at home,  there are specific breastfeeding covers and wraps that you can buy relatively cheaply, like this gorgeous Angel Maternity Breastfeeding Cover. Stick to classic colours so they go with everything. 
  7. Tummy time - If you’re feeling a little self conscious about exposing your tummy when you’re breastfeeding, look for tops that can be pulled down rather than hitched up. Certain styles, like crossover tops or tops where you pull one side down to nurse, are also a good idea. 
  8. Milk it like it’s hot - Breastfeeding can be a hot, sweaty affair for both you and your baby. You and your baby are in extremely close contact, often skin-to-skin. If you use the popular cradle position, where you hold baby’s head in the same position with your warm hand, your baby can end up with a pretty sweaty head. Stay cool by wearing clothes made from natural fibres, like cotton, rather than synthetics, to keep both of you as comfortable as possible. This includes sleepwear too. Angel Maternity has a great range of comfy sleepwear here.
  9. Bodily functions aplenty  - Make sure you have enough nursing or breastfeeding tops and bras to last you at least a week without washing. Leaky breasts and a pukey baby can sometimes mean you have change your bras or tops a couple of times a day, if not more. 
  10. Double up - When buying maternity clothes look for ones that double as breastfeeding attire. Anything with a front button opening or a maternity top that has hidden nursing access are great and mean that you’ll get more bang for your buck.

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