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Why Every Pregnant Mum Needs A Hospital Delivery Gown

I wish someone mentioned the term ’hospital gown’ to me before the birth of my two daughters.

Everyone kept checking did I have my hospital bag ready? A ‘special outfit’ to bring the baby home from the hospital in? A hairbrush and a touch of lippy because of all the pics that were going to be taken? But no-one ever enquired as to what I would be wearing when it came time to toddle off to the birth centre for the big delivery day – and frankly, I didn’t give it  a second thought either.

I knew my jeans and tee combo wasn’t practical for delivery, but I didn’t know I could buy an affordable hospital gown designed specially for giving birth  – I simply assumed  I’d change into one of those embarrassingly revealing gowns handed to me by hospital staff and get on with it.

The Angel Maternity Hospital Delivery Gowns, £39, are not only stylish (think of the pics) they are also incredibly functional.

They have buttons down the side that allow midwives, doctors or nurses easy access without having to remove your robe during delivery. Once the baby arrives, they’re designed to accommodate skin to skin contact, which is crucial immediately following the birth.They also feature easy breastfeeding access for your baby. The gown, which come in light grey, is made of a special polycotton blend that makes them easy to clean. And don’t think you’ll get just one wear out of them – once you’re home,  the comfy gown can be used as a nightie that allows easy breastfeeding in the middle of the night.


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